Connecting Lines / Pipes, Suction Connection & Discharge Connection (Ring Blower) supply at Selangor (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Connecting Lines / Pipes

  • Remove all protective caps before installation.
  • Make sure that the connection lines cause no stress on the machine's connection; if necessary use flexible joints.
  • Make sure that the line size of the connection lines over the entire length is at least as large as the connections of the machine.
In case of very long connection lines it is advisable to use larger line sizes in order to avoid a loss of efficiency. Seek advice from your sales representative.

Suction Connection
Intruding foreign objects or liquids.
Risk of damage to the machine!
If the inlet gas contains dust or other foreign solid particles:
  • Install a suitable filter (5 micron or less) upstream from the machine.
Discharge Connection
Depending on the specific order, other connection dimensions may apply.
  • Make sure that the discharged gas will flow without obstruction, Do not shut off or throttle the discharge line.
For more information or enquiry, please contact Environmech Sdn. Bhd.