Safety Instruction for CAF-700 & CAF-7500 Series Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter supplier in Malaysia (Selangor)


1) Prior to installation or handling of the filter, read carefully the installation and
operation instructions.

2) Verify that the control panel is grounded. Also verify that the AC power cord is
connected to the control panel through 3 x 6A-fuse protector.

3) Verify that the filter housing is grounded to the appropriate location.

4) Confirm AC power disconnection prior to service.

5) Confirm filter draining prior to service.

6) Take precautions while lifting, transporting or installing the filter.

7) Installation and operation of the filter should be performed so as to avoid direct water
splashing on the control unit.

8) Confirm that filter weight, when full, meets the support construction requirements.

9) Prior to installation confirm line pressure matches filter's operating pressure.

10) During installation, use standard flanges and connections only.

11) Check that all filter flange bolts are properly secured.

12) Please note, the filter enters a flushing mode automatically, without prior warning.

13) Use original parts only, while servicing the filter.

14) No changes or modifications to the equipment are allowed.

15) Do not perform any maintenance activities other than those given in this manual.

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