Troubleshooting for Ring Blower supply in Klang Valley (Semenyih)

Troubleshooting for Ring Blower 
DANGER : Live wires.
Risk of electrical shock.
  • Electrical installation work must only be executed by qualified personnel.
CAUTION : Hot surface.
Risk of burns!
  • Prior to any action requiring touching the machine, let the machine cool down first.


Possible Cause


The machine does not start

At least two power supply leads are interrupted

- Check the fuses, terminals and power supply cables

The motor is not supplied with the correct voltage.

- Check the power supply.

The motor is defective.

- Repair the machine (contact us).

The machine does not start; humming noise.

One power supply lead is interrupted

- Check the fuses, terminals and power supply cables

Impeller defective

- Replace impeller

Impeller is jammed

- Open the cover, remove foreign body and clean.

- Check the impeller gap.

Bearing on motor side machine side is defective

- Replace defective bearing.

Motor protective switch trips when starting the machine. Power consumption is too high.

Winding short-circuit

- Check the winding.

Motor overloaded. Throttling does not match specification on rating plate

- Reduce throttling.

-Clean filters, mufflers and connecting pipes.

Compressor is jammed.

- See the machine does not start; humming noises.

The machine runs very noisily.

The machine runs in the wrong direction

- Check the direction of rotation.

Bearings lacking grease

- Re-lubricate or replace if necessary.

Defective bearings.

- Repair the machine (contact us).

The machine runs with abnormal flow noises.

The flow speed is too high

- Use larger sized pipes.

The silencers are soiled.

- Check silencer inserts, clean or replace if necessary.

The machine does not reach the usual pressure on the suction connection.

Suction or discharge lines too long or section diameter too small.

- Use larger diameter or shorter lines.

- Seek advice from your local sales representative.

The machine runs in the wrong direction.

- Check the direction of rotation, see Wiring Diagram Three-Phase Motor.

Different density of conveyed medium

- Take conversion of pressure value into account. Contact us if necessary.

Change in blade profile due soiling.

- Check the impeller, clean or replace if necessary.

In case an inlet screen is installed :

The inlet screen is partially clogged.

- Clean the inlet screen.

In case a vacuum relief value is installed:

The vacuum relief valve is misadjusted or defective.

- Replace the vacuum relief valve.

In case an inlet filter valve is installed:

The inlet filter cartridge is partially clogged.

- Replace the inlet filter cartridge.

Leak in the system.

- Repair leak.

Internal parts are worn or damaged.

- Repair the machine (contact us)

Insufficient cooling.

- Remove dust and dirt from the machine.

Ambient temperature is too high.

- Observe the permitted ambient temperature.

Seals on silencer defective.

- Check silencer seals and replace if necessary

Seals in the motor area are defective.

- Check motor seals and replace if necessary

For the solution of problems not mentioned in the troubleshooting chart contact your sales representative.

For more information or enquiry, please contact Environmech Sdn. Bhd.