Electromagnetic valve installation and removal for (Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter) supply in Malaysia

B、Electromagnetic valve installation and removal
1. Set the main switch at the control panel to "0" position.
2. Close the inlet and outlet valves of the filter and verify that the filter is drained
prior to service.
3. Disconnect the solenoid control tubes.
4. Remove the fittings from the damaged solenoid.
5. Remove the 4 screws attaching the electric connection box
6. Disconnect the electrical wiring from the connection box terminals.
7. Remove the 2 screws from the solenoid lower section.
8. Pull the solenoid out of the control assembly.
9. Insert a new solenoid into the control assembly.
10. Install the 2 screws on the solenoid lower section.
11. Install the fittings on the ports of the new solenoid.
12. Connect the solenoid control tubes.
13. Connect the electrical wiring to the connection box terminals.

Take precautions while operating the filter because the filter might enter a flushing
mode automatically, without prior warning.
14. Open the inlet and outlet valves of the filter
15. Set the main switch at the control panel to "1" position.
16. Perform a flushing cycle by disconnecting the high pressure tube from the differential
pressure indicator (closing of the electrical circuit) – re-connect it immediately as flushing
17. Verify that the hydraulic flushing valve closes after 10 seconds.
18. Perform a flushing cycle by pressing the MANUAL FLUSH switch at the control panel.

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