Filter Operation General Description & Cleaning Process (CAF-900 Series Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter) supply in Semenyih (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Filter Operation General Description (Figure 1)
Water enters the filter through an "Inlet" (1) and passes through the coarse screen (2) that
functions as a "first stop" for rough particles. Water then reaches the fine screen (3), which
further purifies the flow by separating smaller particles from the water. As more water flows
through, impurities build up on the fine screen. As impurities on the screen accumulate, a
pressure imbalance is built up between the internal section of the fine screen (3) and its
external section.

Cleaning Process
When the difference in pressure (△P) reaches the preset value on the differential pressure
indicator, a series of events is triggered while water continues to flow to the system units.
The CLEANING valve (4) opens, and water flows outside. Pressure in the hydraulic
CLEANING chamber (5) and the dirt collector (6) is significantly lowered resulting in a suction
process via the suction nozzles (7) to the dirt collector (6) and from there through the
CLEANING valve (4) outside. The electric motor (8) simultaneously rotates the dirt collector
(6) and moves it along its axis. The combination of the linear movement and rotation
efficiently cleans the entire internal screen (3) surface. The CLEANING cycle continues as
long as the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet remains the same and according
to signals from the controller. If the pressure difference remains unchanged for a fixed preset
time, the emergency CLEANING valve (9) opens along with the normal CLEANING valve (4).
The CLEANING cycle continues for the time that was preset on the controller. The CLEANING 
valves (9) & (4) close when the pressure difference on the pressostat drops. The operation of
the electric motor is stopped after the collector axis reaches the internal or external limit switches.
The filter is now ready for the next cycle, with clean and filtered water flowing through the "Outlet" (10).

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