Initial Installation & Operation (Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter) supply in Malaysia

Initial Installation & Operation
The filter assembly is packed on a wood platform with all its parts installed.

1. Take the filter assembly out of the wood platform.
2. Install the filter assembly to the inlet line and outlet line.
3. Connect a drainpipe to the hydraulic flushing valve outlet opening (at least 63 mm or 2"
diameter and no longer then 5m). Confirm that water runs freely out of the drainpipe.
4. Position the control panel in such a way as to be protected against humidity and solar
5. Connect the control panel to the power source.
6. Check that all connections are properly secured.
7. Check that all bolts and nuts on the filter periphery are properly tightened and secured.
Note: This series of filter working condition is:

Temperature: More than 0 ℃ Minimum working pressure: 1 bar
Work temperature: 65 ℃ / 90 ℃ Maximum working pressure: 25 bar bar/bar / 16
If the site working condition does not accord with the above conditions, please contact the
factory personnel to make the solution.

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