inspection standard of the filters for CAF-700 & CAF-7500 Series Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter supplier in Semenyih

The inspection standard of the filters
1. Check the housing of filter
Content:Check for corrosion phenomena
Implementation : If it has corrosion phenomena, you can use the sandpaper to
deal with this area, and coated with a thin layer of paint plus epoxy layer.
Cycle:1 time/Month

2. Whether there is leakage
Content: Check whether there is leakage phenomenon in the back cover of the
filters、Pipe joint、Hydraulic piston head position and so on.
Implementation:a. If it is a threaded connection, please remove the parts,the
tie ribbons in thread connection again.

b. if it is gasket connection,Please replace the seal or fastening
Cycle:1 time/Month

3. Check the Electric Motor
Content:Identify the three phase current of the Motor.
Cycle:1 time/Month

4. Check the Flow Rate
Connect:Any change in view filter flow compared to the original(in the case of
no change about the flow rate in inlet)
Cycle:1 time/Month

5. Check the Filter Pressure Gage
Connect::Check the pressure gauge whether there is damage,and record the
water pressure in Inlet and Outlet.
Implementation:transforming the three-way valve。
Cycle:2 times/Month

6. Check the difference of Pressure of inlet and outlet
Connect:Check the filter inlet and outlet of the pressure difference, whether it
is smaller than a predetermined value backwash start pressure (usually 0.5BAR).
Implementation:transforming the three-way valve。
Cycle: 2 times/month

7. Check the flushing pipe
Connect:Check whether the outlet of sewage pipes clogging

8. Check the Solenoid Valve Inlet
Connect:Make sure there's no pressure solenoid valve drain pipe

9. Check the controller
Connect:a. On a regular basis to clean inside control box
When you cleaning,NOTE prevents electric shock and short circuit)
b. Make sure there is no possible to let the controller does not get wet by water

In the tally of items mentioned above, if found the problem, please refer to the filter user
manual and be resolved in a timely manner and inform the professional and technical

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