INTERNAL CONTROL DESCRIPTION for (CAF-900 Series Electric Self-Cleaning Screen Filter) supply in Kuala Lumpur (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Controller Operation General Description (Appendix 1)

1. PLC, Programmable logic controller (Allen bradly MICRO 1000) or any PLC with6 
out /10 in.
2. TR1, Low voltage isolated transformer with multi-voltage inlets, Which enables using
any conventional 3 phase voltage supply (380-420-440-480V) 150Vac/20VA fixed outlet 
for the PLC and 24Vac/50VA fixed outlet for the solenoids.
3. OL1 , Motor overload protection 1-1.6amp. with aux. Contacts.
4. C1a/C1b, power relays which controls filter motor movement.
5. e1, 1amp. fuse which serves as a main protect for the PLC & TR1.
6. e2, 2amp. fuse which protects against accidental short circuits on the SV1 - SV3
solenoids/outlets (24Vac).
7. K1, serves as a fault auxiliary relay that activates on fault state and can drive external load
(buzzer etc.) through it's Normally Open/close contacts.
8. S4/S5, Special programming/setting switches (S4 – Toggle sw. / S5 – Push Button sw).

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