Nano microporous air diffuser (Malaysia)

Tube Diffuser 
Fresh air will cause nano microporous aeration tube expand and reach rated value under pressure increased by roots blower aerator. Then huge amount of air bubbles ( 0.02 – 0.03 MM ) will get out of hose wall and drift in the water. The bubbles go up slowly and increase dissolved oxygen obviously. In addition, it adds water flow and improves culture density. 

Shrimp pond aeration hose is an aeration hose used to oxygenate the water by large scale with the lease cost. This kind of aeration hose is made from high polymer material with special foaming technic. The micro pores can generate even and fine bubbles. During aeration works, the resistance loss is small and the air flow is smooth. 

Size of tiny holes on aeration tube creates size of bubbles with small diameter. The smaller gas bubbles are efficiently transfer oxygen into the water by greater surface area. Small air bubbles are suspended in the water longer to increase the number of times that they are brought into the water. Because air bubbles float on the surface more slowly, the rate of oxygen transfer is much higher. 

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