Ultrasonic level transmitter - Supplier in Selangor Area (Kuala Lumpur - Semenyih)

UTG21-BE is a non-contact one and does not directly contact liquid, so the fault rate is low. 
The meter's all input and output lines must be with such protection functions as lightning protection 
and short circuit prevention.

● Range: 0~20m
● Blind area: 0.2m~0.8m
● Accuracy: 0.3%
● Pressure: Less than four atmospheric pressure
● Display: LCD display built-level height or distance
● Digital output: RS485 Interface, ModBUS agreement or custom
● Analog Output: 4-20Ma
● Supply voltage: four-wire DC24V 120mA
● Ambient temperature: -20℃~+60℃
● Protection grade: IP67
● Proof-explosion grade: EX d[ia]iaⅡBT4
● Installation: Flange
● Shell material: Aluminum Die Casting,proof-explosion shell

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