DP Turbo Permanent magnet synchronous high speed turbine fan

  • Higher efficiency, efficiency up to 87%, longer service life, high transmission efficiency. 
  • Ultra-low energy consumption, using permanent magnet synchronous high-speed motor, direct speed up to 18000r / min, ultra-low energy consumption.
  • Maintenance-free design, using direct structure design, no belt, tension pulley system, and other vulnerable parts, with
  • Higher stability and longer service life. There is no need to replace the belt and other maintenance.
  • With the flexible operation, a working frequency of 0-600hz, equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous frequency converter, can realize stepless speed regulation, and with real-time monitoring, can real-time monitor the speed, frequency, voltage, current, temperature, etc. of the blower.
  • Its volume and weight are only 50% of the belt-driven series high-speed centrifugal fans, and the installation and transportation are more convenient; the European standard IE3 or IE4 permanent magnet high-efficiency motor can be selected; the special type can withstand 200 ℃ temperature, and the suction steam can still operate normally.

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