SETTING CONFIGURATION PROCESS for Automatic Self-cleaning Filtration System supply in Environmech Sdn Bhd (Selangor)


D.P.DEPLAY:The DP signal stability time(10-30s)
MA.DELAY:The main valve delay time(0-99s)
D.P.FAULT: Invalid differential pressure maximum number for cleaning
FILTER NO.: the number of the unit(1-16)it needs to be custom-made if more
than ten.

Pressing the "on" and "down" button to set parameters.
Pressing the "left" and "right" to increase or reduce parameters.
The current page parameter is set after the completion of the press
"ENTER" key to save preferences. If there is no press "ENTER" key to
confirm parameters, the parameters will not be saved, also the system
can't set parameters in the cleaning process.

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