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Technical Data for Electromagnetic Flow Meter



Fully welded maintenance-free sensor

Flange version with full bore flow tube

Standard as well as higher pressure ratings

Large diameter range from DN25….. 3000 with rugged liners

approved for drinking water

Industry specific insertion lengths

Modular construction

The measurement system consists of a flow sensor and a signal converter. It is available as compact and as remote version.

Compact version

With 511B converter; 110-240 Vac Power

With 521B converter; 18-36V DC Power

With W800L/W800W: Battery Power

Remote Version

In wall mount version with 211B converter (110-240Vac)

or 221B converter (18-36V DC)

With W800E converter : Battery Power

Measurement range

-12…+12m/s (-40…+40ft/s)

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