Container Type sludge Dryer (Malaysia) FAQ

1. Where does the filtrate go during the process? 
( There is a condensate drain at the bottom of the container dryer, which can be connected to a water pipe for discharge.)

2. Need any DOE Cert / Approval? 
(As we understand no need, but you may check with the local DOE at that area)
3. Need cleaning after every process? 
( No need. Usually once a week. )
4. After-sale service ( downtime / spare parts )? 
(Damaged parts during the warranty period can be replaced free of charge and free shipping. The seller provides favorable service after the warranty expire date for the whole product life, only charging the reasonable cost of replaced partials)
5. How to discharge all processed dry sludge from the trolley/sludge bin into a jumbo bag? 
( Use a forklift to fork out the sludge hopper, and then use the unloading platform to pour out the dry sludge or manually shovel out the dry sludge. )
6. Quarterly, half-yearly or yearly maintenance needed? 
( Heat pump system is maintained weekly. The electrical system and part of heat pump spare parts need to be maintained monthly.)
7. Do you provide any extra trolley/sludge bin? 
(The standard configuration of the hopper is one. It can be purchased separately. )
8. How many tests need to be carried out? 
(Usually several times. The test results meet the requirement of the project and the dryer can operate well, the acceptance can be completed. )

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