Troubleshooting for Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Supply in Selangor)

Troubleshooting for Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Probable Cause


Measurement is not accurate

1. Parameter Wrong

- Check the parameters

(Transmitter, K-factor and size)

2. Pipe is not fully filled

- Check if meter if fully filled

Flow rate Indication is unstable

1. Grounding Issue

- Make sure meter is properly grounded to a good earth ground

- Please use ground ring when the pipe is not conductive, such as PVC or other plastic pipe

2. Air

- Make sure fluid does not contain air bubbles

3. Converter location outside electrical interference

- Make sure converter is not too close to sources of electrical interference

No Display

1. No power

- Apply correct power

2. Incorrect power

- Check power supply

3. Wiring connections

- Check power input/output connections

4. Fuse blown

- Replace fuse

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