Benefits for Lamella Clarifier (supply in Malaysia - Semenyih, Selangor)

Lamella Clarifier
Lamella clarifier is a high efficient solid-liquid separation device equipped with a series of inclined plates with smaller footprint compared with traditional sedimentation tanks.

a) Higher efficiency, smaller footprint : inclined plates extended to 1.5m, separation efficiency improved (higher 1.5 ~ 2.0 times) compared with radial flow clarifier and vertical clarification and save 80% of area.

b) Excellent hydraulic conditions : no hydraulic corner and vortex, better precipitation effect.

c) Inclined plates Chokeless : plates are of angle 60 degrees, spacing between 80~ 100mm, adopt the back-washing device.

d) Strong and durable : Inclined plates are breakless, collapseless. Adopt 6mm hard PVC board or 8mm high quality PP board as special separation plate, module embedded installation, high strength, easy disassembling and maintenance.

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