Benefits for Rotary Drum Screen // RO Series (Supplier in Selangor)

Benefits for Rotary Drum Screen // RO Series 

a) Low head loss - High separation efficiency
**Due to the drum's shape and 35° installation the screen area is much larger than that of a vertical or steeply inclined screen, which results in a low head loss, high separation efficiency and maximum throughput.

b) No by-passing
**The entire flow enters the screen drum through its open front end and can only leave the drum through its screen area, This prevents plant overflow and guarantees that the screenings are always retained within the screen drum.

c) Several functions combined in one system
**Perform the functions of screenings removal. transport, washing, dewatering and compaction in a single space saving unit.

d) Retrofitting
**The design of the RO Screens allows doe later modification so that the systems can be adapted to changing requirements. The heating and/or integrated screenings washing can be retrofitted. The bar spacing can also be reduced to meet more stringent requirements.

e) Low maintenance
**No lubrication. Regular checking and visual inspection are sufficient.

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