Features & Benefits for Vacuum Evaporator (supply at Asian Malaysia)

Features & Benefits for Vacuum Evaporator

  • Integrated design makes the installation convenient and saves the working space. Easy access through manhole and sight glass.
  • Heat pump designed for low-temperature evaporation with a compressor.
  • The condensate under low temperature can realize zero liquid discharge
  • Ecological Freon gas type R410A (no impact on the ozone layer).
  • No need for steam and other public facilities, cooling water recycling is used.
  • Automatic product inlet with modulating valve.
  • Automatic concentrate discharge with pump from vacuum.
  • Automatic cleaning with water or chemicals.
  • Comprehensive Control System with Siemens PLC and touchscreen.
  • Remote control and monitor with phone & computer by the technology Internet of Things

  • Disposal Cost Reduction
  • Wastewater Volume Reduction
  • Water Recycling and Reuse
  • Valuable Components Recovery
  • HIgh Quality Outlet
  • ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)
  • High Level of Automation
  • Option for Remote COntrol
  • Quality Certification
  • Plug & Play (quick installation)
  • Convenient Maintenance and Minimal Manpower
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