Product Structure for Fine Bubble Membrane Pipe Aerator supply in Semenyih (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Product Structure for Fine Bubble Membrane Pipe Aerator

1. The product is equipped with a clip hole especially for the connector. During installation, the clip hole and the corresponding structure on the connector will be locked on to prevent the product from loosening and make the connection more stable and reliable. In the top and tail end of an aerator, the air through holes enable aerator rapid counterweight or weight reduction when the aerator gets into or gets out of the waste water. Such designs reduce thread end product burden, avoid damage.

2. The rubber washer and the corresponding groove are designed to ensure the air tightness of the product, instead of using raw tape in the installation process, it is convenient to install, stable and reliable.

3. Six channel design, increase ventilation cross-sectional area, reduce resistance, efficient and energy-saving. The multiple positions of the membrane jointly bear air friction, reduce local wear and extend aerator membrane service life. Also, promote product 360° aeration, improve the product efficiency.

4. The spanner position is designed. Spanner is used to replace the traditional hand-twist installation, avoiding membrane damage. And installation is convenient and reliable.

5.The internal support structure ensures the stability of the structure and prevents product damage during processing, transportation, installation and operation.

6. Double check valve structure. When operation stops, the membrane covers the structure under the action of rebound force and water depth pressure to prevent the backflow of mud water.

7. The tail end of the aerator can be equipped with a baffle part, which reserves counterweight air vents and screw holes for tail fixation.

8. Product adopts a single-ear pole clamp which makes the product bear 360 degree uniform stress. Under heat expansion and contraction as well as vibration, it can play a spring regulating effect.

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