Products Advantage for Side Channel Blower supply at Semenyih- Environmech Sdn Bhd

  1.  100% OIl-free and Water-free, all pump motors are IP55 protection grade, Class H Insulation.
  2. Dual-frequency (50/60HZ) and wide voltage design to meet voltage levels in almost all regions of the world.
  3. The product is designed by software such as PROE, UG,, CAD and motion simulation demonstration.
  4. Adapted by full sealed deep-sleeve ball bearing (SKF or NSK), self-lubricating, no need to add extra lubricant, pump body can anti high-temperature to 180°C .
  5. Stable operating, smooth performance curve, which can work 20000hours continuously.
  6. The heat sink design on the side of the pump body and the motor, and the cooling fan of the motor provides cooling to ensure the blower safely operates.
  7. The pump body and impeller are made of ADC12 aluminium alloy, which has the characteristics of strength, durability, low noise, smart size, and delicate appearance.
  8. IE2/IE3 series of blowers are available, which is more efficient and energy-saving, it's the best choice in various applications, especially the environmental protection industry.
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