Troubleshooting for Electromagnetic Flow Meter supply in Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur



Probable Cause


Measurement is not accurate

1. Parameter wrong

Check the parameters

(Transmitter, K-factor and size)

2. Pipe is not fully filled

Check if meter is fully filled

Flow rate indication is unstable

1. Grounding Issue

(1) Make sure meter is properly grounded to a good earth ground

(2) Please use ground ring when the pipe is not conductive, such as PVC or other plastic pipe

2. Air

Make sure fluid does not contain air bubbles

3. Converter location outside electrical interference

Make sure converter is not too close to sources of electrical interference

No Display

1. No power

Apply correct power

2. Incorrect power

Check power supply

3. Wiring connections

Check power input/output connections

4. Fuse blown

Replace fuse

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