Blower & Nanotube supply to Johor Bahru (Shrimp Farm)

Blower & Nanotube (Diffuser) 
Supply to our Client at Mukim Plentong, Johor Bahru - Shrimp Farm

Nanotube (Diffuser)
Model : 70 x 80 x 16
Dimension : 70cm(Top) x 80cm(Bottom) x 16cm(Height)
Nanotube size : 2.5m length (25mm(OD) x 12mm(ID))

AIRUS 3 Lobes Roots Blower
Model : HDSR 150
150mm Outlet Diameter;
Pressure : 3.5mH
Inlet airflow : Q = 21.32m3/min
Matched motor : 22kW (415V, 50Hz)
Blower Rpm : 1400

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