Operating Principle for Nozzle Type All Direction Air Knife (Supplies Selangor, Malaysia)

Operating Principle

Nozzle Type All Direction Air Knife

HKZ nozzle type air knife is the most effective 360° three-dimensional air drying air knife.
The nozzle type air knife is composed of air inlet, circular main air duct and universal adjustable nozzle. It can be flexibly matched with a circular nozzle or flat nozzle according to requirements.
For food bottles and cans or five pieces of dried workpieces, it can meet the requirements of top, side and bottom, bottle and can edge drying at the same time. The nozzle can be bent to any position to suit your specific drying needs. It can quickly adjust different sizes and shapes, and can be used for various purposes.
When the traditional long type sir knife is used in the wine and beverage filling production line, the blowing force of the two air knives offsets each other, resulting in a dry blind area. Due to the large volume of the air knife, it is blocked by the guardrail when installing, and the angle is single and cannot be adjusted.
The application of nozzle type universal adjustable air knives makes the above problems solved easily. The nozzle type air knife is an ideal choice for thoroughly drying the top and shoulder of containers such as bottles and cans before the code spraying, labeling or packaging operation of beverage or wine bottles.

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