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Specific for Side Channel Blower 

Easy to Install
- The blower is a complete unit ready for immediate installation either as a vacuum pump or as a compressor. The unit can be mounted in any position, horizontally or vertically.

No oily odors
- The impeller rotates with absolutely no contact between it and the housing. This means no lubrication is required, guaranteeing 100% oil-free operation.

- The cast for the impeller and the motor are individual to be made by aluminum. The blower has the highly-developed design which results in a pump construction with one moving part, a feature ensuring maximum operating reliability. Maintenance free.

Low Noise and Vibration
- The use of direct-driving low noise motors and integral silencers ensure a low noise level. Dynamic balancing minimizes vibration.

High Efficiency
- Under serious QC control, the parts used in DG blower are of top quality. All blowers are made by professional technicians.

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