Confirmation matters for acceptance Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment XF Series (Malaysia Supplier)-Environmech Sdn Bhd

Confirmation matters for acceptance
Please confirm following matters when receiving this machine.
Please contact our company or agent immediately when you find a machine incomplete, damaged  or in uncertain situation.

  Please check whether this machine matches the order. Mismatched products may cause damage to people and machines.


1) Please check whether the ordered machine matches the content in nameplate.

2) Machines may get damaged in transportation. So please check the machine before accepting it from transportation company. 

     If there is any damage, please take photos and contact us immediately.

     If equipment is confirmed to accept at site, our company will not be responsible for the damage after accepting the equipment.

3) Screws may get loose during transportation. Please tighten them before operating this machine.

4) Check whether the components listed on the delivery note complete or not.

5) Check whether T-type hexagon wrench equipped on the side of machine or not.

For more information or enquiry, please contact Environmech Sdn. Bhd.

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