Safety Precautions for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment XF Series (Asian Malaysia Supplier)-Environmech Sdn Bhd

Safety precautions

   Warning and main signs

In order to prevent the accident, please comply with the WARNING and ATTENTION signs when operating the machine.


Improper operation may cause danger, injury even death to people.

Improper operation may cause danger and damage to people, machines and other things.

**Those matters with an ATTENTION sign may cause injuries, even death to people. So it is very important to read it carefully before using it.

Safety of spiral type sludge dewatering machine use

    Please strictly comply with following matters with signs of WARNING and ATTENTION. Improper operation may cause damage

       to this equipment.



   ●   Please do not use this machine in explosive atmospheres.

   ●   Please ask related qualified person for help, when transporting, setting, connecting, operating, maintenance 

         and checking this machine.

   ●   Please cut off the power before wiring.

   ●   Never disassemble or transform this machine.

   ●   Never touch electrical items with wet hand.

   ●   Please do not perform those operation matters which are marked with WARNING and              ATTENTION signs before cutting off the power.

   Please use this machine in its proper scope of application. And please select suitable flocculants and associated equipment

   Please do not make it run beyond its standard processing capacity, such as sludge carrying capacity and moisture content.

   Please do not dewater the sludge with lots of chloride ions, such as seawater and salty sludge

   Please do not use the powder with chloride ions, such as iron chloride and aluminum chloride.

   Please do not put your hands or tools into opening area.

   Please do not run this machine when anti-spatter cover is open.

   Please do not use this machine when it is in damaged condition.

   Please do not take down the nameplate.

   Maintenance requests will be refused if machine is discomposed or transformed by customer themselves.

   Normally, the screw shaft spins counterclockwise as seen from the sludge cake outlet. Please do not make it spin clockwise without conduct from our technics personnel.

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