Inside of Electrical control cabinet for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment HI-Tech 5 (Sungai Lalang), Selangor

Inside of Electrical control cabinet 
Introduction for all parts

1) Main power switch(on-off)(ELCB-1) 

Control the power of whole equipment.

2) Control supply(on-off)(MCCB-1)

Control the power on and off

3) Control circuit power (on-off)(CP-1) 

Control the power for circuit on and off

4) Control sprinkler(on-off)(CP-1)

Control sprinkler on and off

5) Screw shaft inverter(CP-1)

Control the rotation speed of screw shaft's motor.

6) Agitator inverter(INV-1)

Control the rotation speed of agitator's motor

7) Screw shaft latency timer(TLR-2)

Control the screw shaft's extension time after equipment turning to stop mode.

8) Sprayer timer(TLR-3)

Control sprinkler to spray tap water in certain time.

9) Power receiving binding post(TB1)

It is used to connect power lines.

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