Operating Settings for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment nearby Selangor Area (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Operating Settings 
Sludge feed rate setting for sludge pump
Please set appropriate sludge feed rate based on its processing capacity
What's more, please consider about the response time for poly-iron. It is about 3 minutes.

Example for sludge pump setting: 
XF 132 (dry solid output: 12kg-DS/h; sludge concentration: 10000mg/L) (concentration conversion: 10000mg/L=10000g/m³=10kg/m³=10g/L)

Sludge processing capacity for XF1 32 is as follows,

Sludge pump throughput for different models

Polymeric flocculant addition setting for dosing equipment
Please adjust the flocculation addition based on sludge processing capacity and its concentration.

Example for flocculation addition setting: 
XF 202 (dry solid output: 18kg-DS/h; sludge concentration: 10000mg/L)
Powdered flocculation addition rate is 0.6%, it needs to be diluted by a factor of 1000. 

Then its addition amount is as follows,

Refer to the performance chart and set the additional amount based on calculation result. Adjust the dial when pump is working.

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