Operation Adjustment for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment Semenyih Supplier (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Operation Adjustment
 Wet hand is not allowed to touch electrical components inside of the electric control cabinet to avoid electric shock.

Please wear insulated shoes before operating the equipment.

Please do not adjust the converter before cutting off the power.

Please do not adjust the back pressure plate when equipment is running.

  The gap between back pressure plate and equipment can not be narrower than 4mm.If the gap is too narrow, equipment may get overloaded because the inside pressure is too big. And it may cause damage to moving rings and screw shafts.

   About operation adjustment
After first debugging, there is no need to debug again except adding flocculant. Please check the flocculant quantity regularly.When sludge concentration is widely volatile (±10%), the sludge condition will change a lot. Please adjust the sludge input quantity, processing capacity and moisture content of the sludge cake.


How to adjust the equipment when sludge condition is unsteady?

When sludge concentration changes widely, it affects the processing capacity. Please adjust the equipment as follows,

In order to increase process capacity, please make the screw shaft rotate fast, and increase the sludge input by adjusting the level controller pipe.

In order to decrease process capacity, please decrease the screw shaft rotational speed, and decrease the sludge input by adjusting the level controller pipe.

If increase the processing capacity blindly, but not to adjust the back pressure plate, the excess sludge accumulates in the filter cartridge eventually results in motor overload and shorten the life of moving rings and screw shaft.


How to adjust the equipment when moisture content of sludge cake increases?

Low sludge concentration means dry solid content getting lower. It results moisture content getting higher. At the same time, the pressure inside of the filter cartridge decreases, it affects the dewatering effect.In this situation, please increase the sludge input quantity.

 When increase the sludge input quantity, please make sure the liquid level not higher than maximum level (H-type position). Keeping equipment working continuously by adjusting the equipment properly.

 When increase the sludge input quantity, the sludge concentration gets higher. It means sludge level may higher than maximum level. This may cause some problems as follows. So please check the sludge concentration regularly.


Unsteady process capacity and moisture content of sludge cake.

Unsteady sludge input for filter cartridge.

Foreign material stuck to electrode makes pump stop working.

Intermittent working makes pump's working life short.

Wear of moving rings and screw shaft may affect the dewatering effect.

If processing capacity decreases or -moisture content increases, and adjusting equipment can not change the situation. Please contact our company or our agent.

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