Product Warranty Terms for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment -Semenyih

a) Warranty object
The warranty object is the equipment as the name plate describes.

12 months after delivery.
Following is required warehousing conditions:
Indoor setting, no leakage of rain or water.

 Weather condition: no abnormally high temperature, no huge temperature difference, not extremely humidity and non-condensing.
(Temperature range: -10°C~40°C, humid range: below 85%)

 The working situation have no corrosive gas, nor salt injury.

 Take suitable measures to protect equipment if any construction near around.

Do not put things in the screw press or attach things to screw press.

Do not turn on power before using this equipment. Do not carry water or sludge.

 End user will be responsible for this equipment after delivery.

b) Warranty range
Warranty is restricted to our manufacturing range.

During warranty time, equipment still cannot work well even no problem for installation and operation, 
then free repairment will be provided by manufacturer.

 In principle, our company is only responsible to deliver the equipment to specified location.
And your company will be responsible for downloading the equipment and settings.

c) Other Precautions
Even within warranty time, customer will not be responsible for repairing charge if following situation happens.
1) Failure caused by disintegration or reconstruction at will.

2) Incorrect use, e.g. Make equipment run beyond its standard range.

3) Damages caused by violently hanging when moving this equipment or other impact.

4) Failures due to improper usage, storage, maintenance, security management by end users or other causes not related to our company.

5) Failure due to using fake or unspecified accessories.

6) Damages caused by unlicensed repair.

7) Natural fade for coating area.

8) Failures caused by fire disaster, salt injury, poison gas and other natural disasters.

9) Replacement for following wearing parts.
Moving rings, screw shaft, screw & nut, bearing, solenoid valve, cover plate, sticker, panel display lamp, fuse and etc.
If unknown causes, the final solution will be determined by negotiation between sellers and buyers.

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