Sludge cake cannot be discharged from outlet for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment Asian Malaysia

Sludge cake cannot be discharged from outlet
 Whether sludge in flocculation tank moves into screw press or not?
Test the connecting pipe between flocculation tank and screw press blocked or not.

 Whether the sludge form proper flocs or not with the help of chemical?
If the sludge do not form flocs or form small size flocs, dry solids will leak out from the gaps between moving rings and fixed rings. As a result, the dry solid can not be gathered together, nor pressed to be sludge cake. So please make some adjustment for chemical dosing and sludge feeding, making dry solid form proper flocs.

Proper gap of back pressure plate.
If the gap is 0mm (fully closed), sludge cake can not move out from outlet. Please set a proper gap.

 Test the motor for screw shaft working normally or not.
If it can not work normally, it may be caused by motor failure. Please stop running the equipment immediately, and contact our company or our agent.

Whether the rotational direction of motor is correct or wrong?
If an error occurs to driving the motor wiring, it will rotate counterclockwise. Then the sludge cake can not be moved out from the outlet. It will cause damage to equipment. If it happens, please cut off the power and inspect the wiring.

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