Timer for Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment Malaysia

  Please cut off the power when setting the timer.

If not, the equipment may start to run unexpectedly and pinch your hand or tools.

Usually, one standard machine is equipped with 3 timers.

24h timer (TS-1)

Setting the working time in a day

Screw shaft off-delay timer (TLR-2)

When equipment is in stop mode, the screw shaft still runs for a certain time letting sludge get out of the equipment. In case the equipment gets blocked.

Sprinkler timer (TLR-3)

Setting sprinkler working time

Below is a method to set lower limit timer.
For detailed information, please refer to each timer's instruction manual.

Screw shaft off-delay timer/chemical dosing pump off-delay timer
Off-delay timer for screw shaft and chemical dosing pump.

It works as follows

Setting method
1) Digital setting
Using cross screwdriver to turn digital adjusting knob in left side, and select a suitable digital.

2) Time unit setting
Using cross screwdriver to turn time unit adjusting knob in right side, and select a suitable time unit.

3) Operation time setting
Turn operation time setting knob, and select a suitable cursor location.

Sprinkler timer
Setting the sprinkler's running time and stand-by time, make it spray water intermittently. The working mode for this timer is as follows

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