Loading & Unloading the Surface Jet Aerator(JM-100) at Semenyih

Loading & unloading the Surface Jet Aerator (JM-100) at Semenyih
Loading & Unloading the Surface Jet Aerator at Semenyih.
We supply the goods to customers in Puchong, Selangor for use in glove factory wastewater. 
Thank you for your trusted customer support.

Surface Turbo Jet Aerator
Model : JM-100
Flotation Unit Consists Of 3 Pontoon , 
Made Of Polyethylene Filled with Urethane Foam , With Galvanized Frame ,
Oxygen Transfer Rate : 14.90kg. O2/HR , 
Air Volume : 4.17m3/min , Mixing Volume : 800-2000m3 ,
Working Depth : 2 - 5M ,10HP ,  3Phase , 415V/50Hz.

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