Aerator Installation the Flotation (Supply at Semenyih) Environmech Sdn Bhd

Aerator Installation the Flotation 

The motor and aerator weigh between 200-400 lbs. A small hoist or crance is required to set the aerator on the flotation.

1. Attach a cable to the eyebolt on the motor. The aerator will balance when lifted from this connection.

2. Life the aerator and slip the shaft through the mainframe and under the Crossrail. Slide the mounting pins into the mounting bracket slots. (Fig 16)

3. Position the aerator near horizontal and tie the housing to the front cross rail.

4. Replace the front bolt of the two mounting bar bolts on the front inside of the pontoons with 4 1/25" eye bolts.

Note: These eye bolts are for attaching the vortex shield. (Fig 17)

5. Slide or hoist the aerator into the water.

Note: To life, the assembly, hook a chain to the rear inside of each mounting bracket. The entire assembly will balance from this connection.

6. Once the aerator unit has been placed in the water and wired, position the aerator at a 45-degree angle. Secure it with two 1/2" x 1 1/2" bolts on each side of the mount brackets. These bolts will be in the 3 and 9 o'clock position when the aerator is at a 45-degree angle. (Fig. 18)

7. Snap the vortex shield to the eyebolts in the front cross-rails and the S-hooks on the side of the front pontoon. (Fig. 19)

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