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Application for Vortex Pump

Supporting equipment for environmental protection, agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and other industries
  • Air flotation device in supporting sewage treatment system
  • Ozone deodorizing and sterilizing device
  • Sterilization of water tanks, water towers, water pipes, etc of supporting buildings
  • Supporting lakes, hot springs, swimming pools, fish ponds, disinfection and deodorization, and purification systems
  • Water plant, community, factory water disinfection, and purification system
  • Oil-water separation system (oil field, catering, ship, living area, etc.)
  • Various sprat systems

Health care, bioengineering, food, semiconductor equipment
  • Supporting dehydration, decolorization, deodorization, degassing system
  • Supporting fresh food sterilization and preservation system
  • Container and instrument disinfection system for medicine and food industry
Environmental protection systems such as chemical plants, power plants, cement plants, paint factories, and lumber factories

  • VOC organic waste gas treatment
  • Efficient degradation of the factory dust
  • Reduce COD/BOD and bleach bleaching
  • Separation of floats
  • Cleaning and cleaning of flexible materials
  • Various float recovery systems such as paper mills
Industrial system support
  • Laser equipment welding equipment cooling cycle
  • Cleaning filter cloth dewatering system
  • Hydraulic paper cutter
  • Machine tool cutting fluid filtration system
  • Membrane processing system
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment (Hydrocarbons, hot oil, degassing, etc.)
  • Distillation system
  • High-pressure flushing system
  • Laboratory sampling equipment, etc.

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