Performance Graph for QS Series - Vortex Pump (supply at Kajang)- Environmech Sdn Bhd

Performance Graph for QS Series

Structure features: The pump is directly mounted on the motor flange. The pump is integrated and compact, saving installation space

- Self-priming up to 4 meters (20ºC water) (with water in the pump chamber)
- The wetted parts are 304SS stainless steel (please specify if other materials are required)
- Mechanical seal: pressureless sintered silicon carbide/silicon carbide/fluoro rubber
- Condition of use: In the house where there is no explosive and corrosive gas and steam in the house
- Ambient temperature : -15ºC ~ +40ºC relative humidity Max 90%, altitude below 1000 meters
- Medium temperature:-30ºC ~ +90ºC (If you need a higher temperature, please specify)
- Applicable medium: water. low viscosity oil, chemical liquid, refrigerant, solvent, etc.

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