ESAM Malaysia Ring Blower (Supplier : Environmech Sdn Bhd)


How the Blowers & Aspirators Works

The shell that encases the turbine forms the side channel, which surrounds the entire turbine, except for the short area between the inlet and outlet ports at the bottom of the casing, which is sealed off from each other.

Air is forced from between the turbine blades outwards. The compressed air is then forced to the center of the perimeter of the side channel, where it then, following the channel, is set in a spiral motion until it returns to the turbine. With each such motion, the air makes its way from the inlet towards the discharge.

All ESAM blowers & aspirators are completely oil-free.

Other Blowers & asipirators Configurations - 2V, 1AC, LHT
Designed for the specific requirements of certain applications is our range of 2V and 1AC models, which have in effect two blowers & aspirators built into the one compact unit. By connecting two turbines in parallel, as is the case in our range of 1AC models (blue curves) we achieve much higher flows than standard models.

LHT models are fitted with bearings designed for higher temperatures, allowing these models to reach much greater pressures.

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