Function and setting of system for the Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator supply at Kuala Lumpur (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Function and setting of system

To ensure the normal debugging, operation, and maintenance, the system has the following functions:

Cleaning mode

After a period of running, it is necessary to start the cleaning mode when cleaning internal scaling and contaminants. The operation of the start is shown in the following picture. Click the normal mode first, then click cleaning mode and start the cleaning. According to the need for actual cleaning time, click the stop button then finish cleaning, then you can boot normally.

During cleaning, according to the material of evaporation, determine whether to add a cleaning agent. If necessary, consult with the Environmech engineer. At the end of cleaning, waste liquid generated by the cleaning is discharged into the cleaning tank and then concentrated by evaporation to prevent secondary pollution.

Manual control

The content of the manual control is shown in the picture below. Enter the interface after logging in to the admin account. The button displayed as “Auto” indicates that the corresponding device or valve is in an automatic state, the subsequent “Open & Close” button is locked. The equipment is protected by the program. Click the "Auto" button, the state is switched to manual, the button is displayed as "manual", the corresponding "open & close" button is unlocked, the equipment is not protected by the program, only controlled manually on site.

Caution, when the system is in normal operation, all devices must be in an automatic state, and the manual function is only used for equipment debugging and maintenance.

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