State of Stop Operation for the Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator supply at Asian Malaysia (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

State of Stop

The stop state is divided into three styles: low liquid level automatic stop, manual shutdown, and fault shutdown.

Low liquid level automatic stop
The liquid level in the material storage tank will;l continuously decrease with the evaporate operation. When the liquid level is lower than the setting liquid level, the system will automatically stop and go to the standby state. The processing of automatic stop is as below:
  • After getting a low liquid level, the system inlet valve will be closed and the compressor & Vacuum Pump are stopped as well.
  • All residual liquid and condensate in the system are emptied.

Manual shutdown
During normal operation of the system, click the close button on the PLC interface and system will stop immediately when needed.

Fault shutdown
When the system fails, the interface will appear a fault alarm and the system will stop. After shutdown, you need to click the alarm record on the PLC interface, remove the fault according to the text prompt, then click the fault reset button to start the system again.

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