State of No moral Operation for the Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator supply at Asian Malaysia (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

State of No moral Operation

When the condensate volume is stable and continued, the system enters a stable operation period. During smooth operation, patrol inspection is the main action and the following problems should be paid attention to during patrol inspection:

  • The volume of condensate is normal or not?
  • Whether there is water or air leakage in the system, the pipeline intact and vibration-free, the vacuum is normal or not?
  • The temperature of evaporation in the boiling chamber, the condensate, and cooling water is in the proper range?
  • The operation of the compressor, vacuum pump, and water pump are normal? Are noisy? 
  • Whether the liquid level of the evaporator tank is normal and the level gauge has fluctuations or stuttering?
  • The concentrate discharge is consistent with pre-setting and discharge piping is normal or not?
  • The state of all automatic valves in the piping is consistent with PLC?

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