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System Start for Low-Temperature Vacuum Evaporator

After preparation is completed, the system las the condition of a start-up. After checking all piping of inlet, outlet, exhaust, and cooling are connected well to storage and source equipment, then click the start button. In case of abnormality, the system must be shut down for disposal. In case of emergency, the emergency button can be pressed. It is divided into states of start-up, stable operation, shut down, and cleaning after the system starts.

State of Start
Preparations are done, click the Shutdown/Start button in the PLC interface and let the system run, the operating staffs need to complete the actions as below right now:
Obverse equipment has abnormal noise or not then check the discharge condition of residual liquid.
Vacuum pump started, the water feeding is normal or not when vacuum rate reaches setting point.
After water feeding is over, electrical heating and forced circulation pump are normal or not when preheated.
After preheating, the compressor state is normal or not when started.
When internal steam got the setting number, check condensate is generated or not.

All above operation is completed, the system mechanical start-up has been done. Need to note, start-up time of the system is affected by ambient and evaporating material feeding temperature. Higher temperature, shorter start-up time. Lower temperature, longer start-up time. Conditions permitting, the evaporated material can be preheated to 30, which will greatly shorten start-up time at low temperatures. If the previous system is manually or fails to shut down, the residual liquid in the system will be discharged before starting.

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