Preparation for Start of Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator (Supplier : Environmech Sdn Bhd) - near by Semenyih

Prepare for Start

Before first debugging and operating, need to finish the work as below:
Complete inspection about the equipment piping, situation point of weld, fastening of flange bolt, airtightness of equipment, all hand valves site of on/off.

Checking all wire connections are right before power on, checking power phase sequence is right after power on to prevent the inversion of equipment. After all, checking done, login control interface.

Control interface as below:-

The user name is USER, the password is 2222, you can get into all pages except page” System Parameter”. Then login account of admin, all pages can be clicked in. The password of the admin account got from higher authority staff. In the manual control column, all parts and sectors are set as automatic control.

Columns of Setting and System should be completed in our workshop or our engineers complete them on the client’s site, non-professional technicians are prohibited to adjust.

When all settings are done, then click the start button to operate equipment running, observe the start processing has any trouble. It has troubles, power off, and clear troubles in time.

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