Overview of V-HP Evaporation System for Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator (Supplier : Environmech Sdn Bhd) - Selangor

Low-Temperature Vaccum Evaporator 

1. Overview of V-HP Evaporation System

1.1 Brief Introduction

1.1.1 Usage

Applied for medium volume and strong concentration wastewater, realize the discharge and reuse of wastewater with low consumption & high standard. Apply for : 
  • Wastewater with Low Concentration
  • Wastewater with High Concentration
  • Pre-treatment of HIgh Concentration Water
  • POrt Treatment of Water
  • Replace Small Scale Biochemical
  • Replace Ultrafiltration and RO Equipment
  • Separation and Distillation of Material
  • Recycle the Precious Metal Liquid and material
1.1.2. Features
  •  No steam consumption, heat pump recycle, condensate generated by the system automatically compensate, save energy ad reduce disposal cost
  • Reuse condensate and achieve ZLD
  • Integrated design and manufacture, compact structure, occupy and space, easy installation and instantly use after getting water and electricity
  • Automatic operation, realize an unattended operation
  • Low demand of pre-and [post treatment, easy operation for processing
  • Remote control by phone & computer, checking operation situation anytime
  • Concentration with high purity, easy recycle and treat by third party
1.2 Explanation of Model

The capacity of treatment: L/h as a unit, e.g freshwater, to explain the ability our system can receive and treat.

The capacity of evaporation: L/h as a unit, e.g freat water, to explain the ability to generate steam and condensate after stable running.

Times of concentration: The system allows the rate of wastewater and concentration.

Rate of concentration: The system allows the rate of concentration and wastewater.

1.3 Structural Diagram

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