Introduction for Micro Nano Bubble Generator supply at Semenyih (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Introduction for Micro Nano Bubble Generator

Micro nano bubble generator is a small type gas-liquid mixing device, which can mix air
and water through external water inlet and internal air inlet (the standard gas and liquid are:
air and water, please note for other gas and liquid sources, other gases and liquid sources
need to be configured separately). The ratio of the gas-liquid mixture is 1:9, the gas and liquid
are fully mixed through the micro nanogenerator, and the dissolution efficiency can reach
80-100%. The new mixed liquid is discharged through the external water outlet. The
device is widely used in pet baths, adult bathtubs, beauty and skincare, fruit and vegetable
cleaning, and other scenes.

Basic Information
Micro nano field for more than 10 years, mainly producing gas-liquid mixing pump, magnetic pump,
flexible pump,micro-nano bubble generator, sewage treatment aerator, an ozone water
machine, push flow aerator, and other various microbubble systems.

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