Mechanical for Jet Aerator supply near by Seri Kembangan (Environmech Snd Bhd)


Lifting :
** Do not lift objects beyond your capabilities - get help or use a crane.

Heavy Equipment :
** Do not exceed lifting capacities of cranes
** Designate one person to direct the crane operator
** Wear a hard hat when using lifting equipment
** Do not stand under the lifted object

Falls :
Fall is the number one injury around wastewater treatment facilities
** Remember, flotation surfaces may be slippery when wet
** Clean up tripping hazards such as tools, debris, or ice
** Wear safety hardnesses over heights, such as the edges of tanks.

Moving Parts :
** Never place hands or tools in the air intake holes or near the propeller when the unit is running or not locked "out of service"

Water Hazards : 
** Use approved life-saving equipment when working over water.

Biological :
Wastewater facility works possibly suffer the maximum exposure to infectious materials due to their exposure to wastewater.
** The best defense against infection is the practice of good personal hygiene and prompt medical attention for any injury that breaks the skin
** Workers should keep their fingers from the eyes, nose, and mouth
** Never smoke or car while working around wastewater.

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