Principle of Low-Temperature Evaporation supplier at Semenyih (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Principle of Low-Temperature Evaporation

Two main principles of low-temperature evaporation and crystallization :

1. The boiling point of the material decreases as the pressure of the evaporation chamber decreases. The low-temperature vacuum evaporator is under the action of the vacuum pump, the vacuum degree in the system is about 95% - 97%, and the boiling point of water at this pressure is 35ºC - 37ºC.

2.  The compressor works on Freon to simultaneously realize heating and cooling in the evaporation process. It is equivalent to that the compressor transfers the heat from the top of the evaporation chamber to the bottom through the Feron, the top loses heat and the temperature decreases to realize the vapor condensation, and the bottom gets the heat for heating the material.

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