Safety for Jet Aerator supply near by Kajang (Environmech Sdn Bhd)


The Bottom Line For Your Safety Is You

Practicing good safety techniques may seem to be time-consuming, but the results will far exceed the cost. The results will be apparent in fewer accidents, lower medical costs, less downtime, and more efficient work performance.

The number one safety hazard is the possible activation of the aerator when you are servicing it. A minimum precaution is to use "lockout" cards on switching equipment. The best precaution is to lock out the equipment with some form of key lock.

Extensive studies have shown that only 12 volts may, on good contact, cause injury. Electrical supplies for the aerator range from 200 to 575 volts.

Remember: You can't see electricity and you can't outrun electricity.

General Rules To Follow
1. The most important safety requirement is to lockout electrical circuits when equipment is being serviced.

2. Allow only qualified and authorized people to work on electrical equipment.

3. Unless a wire is positively known to be dead, treat it as a live wire.

4. Portable electrical tools should be grounded with a three-conductor cord.

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