Start-Up Procedure for the Jet Aerator supply at Malaysia

Start-Up Procedure

Note: Never run the aerator out of the water. The lower bearing is water lubricated and it will overheat in only a few seconds without that lubrication.

Rotation check
Once all the aerators are anchored securely in position and all the electrical protection is checked for service, the aerators are ready for a rotation test.

1. Check each aerator individually.

2. Start the aerator for no longer the one second.

3. Visually note the direction of water flow. The water should flow away from the aerator. If the rotating is wrong the aerator will draw water toward the motor and cause splashing.

4. If the rotation is wrong, switch two of the three power leads in the electrical control box.

Note: If the rotation is backward, retighten the diffuser and propeller against the ceramic sleeve before restarting the unit.

Electrical Check
Check the amperes and voltage amount for each aerator at the electrical control box.

1. The amperes draw should be equal to or less than the rating on the motor nameplate.

2. The voltage should read approximately the dame on all three leads. Keep a record of both amperes and voltage.

Note: The electrician must complete the electrical questionnaire after start-up and return it to Environmech Sdn Bhd. to ensure warranty coverage.

Operational Check
1. The aerator should run smoothly and quietly, without vibration or excess noise. If vibration or noise is excessive, consult the troubleshooting guide.

2. It is common for water to come out of the air intake holes for a few minutes after start-up. If this"back pumping" persists, consult the troubleshooting guide.

3. Check for vortexes above the propeller. The vortex shield may have to be adjusted to prevent all vertexing.

After the unit had run for several minutes, note the operation of the aerator unit.
The unit may have to be adjusted on the cables to point it in the optimum direction. Refer to the aerator placement drawings provided by Enviornmech Sdn Bhd or the consulting engineer.

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