System Maintenance and Trouble Clearing for the Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator supply at Klang Valley - Kajang (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

System Maintenance and Trouble Clearing

Cleaning of System

The system runs for a long time, there is an organic and salt scale inside the boiling chamber. It needs to be cleaned regularly. The cleaning includes cleaning the chamber, circulation pipeline, and liquid level gauge.

The chamber cleaning adopts PLC manual start&stop, normal pollutants are soaked in tap water, and the cleaning agent can also be added.

The level gauge needs to be periodically disassembled to clean the float ball to prevent fouling on the surface of the liquid level gauge pipe and the float ball, causing the float ball to become stuck and causing measurement failure.

Protection for Winter & Rain

The low-temperature vacuum evaporator should be installed indoors and above the surrounding environment 200mm to prevent rainwater from being poured.

The rainy season mainly prevents rainwater from entering the electrical device of the equipment, and the humidity of the air causes corrosion to electrical components and related accessories. Therefore, the indoor needs to have good rainproof, ventilation, and drying function. Especially in summer, it is necessary to keep the indoor temperature not too high.

In winter, when the equipment is shut down, the water inside the equipment is easy to freeze due to low temperature, causing the equipment pipeline and the pump casing to freeze. Therefore, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 °C, the internal water should be manually drained after the equipment is shut down, and the vent valve should be emptied. There are two places, one at the outlet pipe of the condensate drain pump and one at the bottom of the evaporation tank. After the shutdown, the vacuum is destroyed first, then the vent valve is opened manually until it is closed before the next start.

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