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Product Introduction 

The three-tank dosing device is composed of a box, a dry powder dosing system, a solution stirring system, a control system, and a liquid dosing system. This device is an automatic continuous configuration and dosing system of powdery polymer flocculant. The dry powder flocculant enters the instant dissolver from the screw propeller for premixing with clean water, and the wetted material enters the preparation tank for stirring and dilution and is prepared according to the required concentration; if it is a liquid flocculant, it is directly added to the preparation tank by a screw pump middle. During the preparation process, the water inflow must be relatively stable under the observation of the flow meter, so as to ensure that the concentration of the prepared solution remains unchanged during the entire working process.


1. Boiler water treatment system, circulating cooling system, raw water pretreatment, and wastewater treatment system in the thermal power industry.

2. Petroleum and chemical industry boiler water treatment system, circulating cooling system, chemical additive dosing system, wastewater treatment system.

3. Municipal water supply and sewage treatment system.

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